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Compliment Your SEO Efforts With Google Plus Authorship

Monday, March 4, 2013

Google search results have undergone a drastic change by displaying results containing a pic of the original author of the web page. We all have heard about domain authority and page authority in the past but, a new wave of trust for your website in the eyes of Google comes in the form of Google Plus Authorship. Recognizing yourself as a reputed author in Google can go a long way in complimenting your Seo efforts. So, what exactly is Google Authorship and how can we use it to enhance our search engine optimization efforts is what we are going to discuss in this article.

I am the Author of this Web Page

The best example I can give you, could be of this web page which you are reading right now. The main contents of this web page has been written by me and I am the author of its contents. We, the users can have an idea of it by looking at the author bio section of the article but, is there a way to help Google recognize your as the author of this web page? The short answer to this question is Google Plus Authorship which helps to link your Google Plus profile to the content you create and allows you to get recognized as an author.

The Distinguished Advantages

The major benefits that you will get by recognizing yourself as an author of the content you create are as follows. Content that has an author is valued more when compared with the content that does not have a recognized author. Hence, the first step you must take while helping to rank a web page higher up on Google is signing up for authorship.

Better Management of Your Social Profiles

A Google Plus profile allows you to list all the social media profiles from a single place and passes on valuable relevance and authority to each one of them. This helps to increase the brand value.

Easy Sharing of Content

You can share content on your profile and add valuable plus ones to the shared content. This helps in instant indexation of the content and higher search rankings based on the plus ones that you receive (provided the other ranking factors are in favour of your content)

Boosts Author Rank

Every author is given a secret author rank that is based on the number of articles you write, the quality of articles, the niche of the articles, the number of social shares the article receives and some other factors as well. Better accumulation of author rank helps to gain more web visibility for your content because Google already knows you have sufficient authority in your niche and easily ranks content written by you higher up on the search results.

More People in Your Circles, Better Visibility

The content you share via Google Plus gets better visibility on the search engine result pages as people in your circles are able to see the content shared by you with a caption “you plus one’d this”. Hence, having more people in your circles would surely compliment your Seo efforts.

Helps to Increase CTR

Search results having a picture of the author receives more clicks when compared to the results that are not accompanied by pictures. This is more than a hint to an intelligent Seo regarding how can he increase the CTR of the client’s website.

Helps to Become a Trusted Source in Your Targeted Niche

It is much easier to become a trusted source in your targeted niche by optimizing your Google Plus profile, writing niche articles on several reputed websites and adding industry specific people in your circles.

All said, it’s a search engine optimizers dream to dominate the search engine results for all the keywords they are targeting and utilizing the full power of Google Plus Authorship can go a long way in making this possible (Business2 Community).


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